OVERSEAS PURCHASERS: please read ....

OVERSEAS PURCHASERS: please read ....


Whilst we take every care we can to comply with Customs regulations, as given to us by various parcel carrier companies, the situation with Customs in various countries is becoming ever more complex. Once your order has been collected by the carrier company we cannot control it’s eventual delivery due to any Customs hold ups or queries. We will send you a parcel tracking reference when it’s been sent (please make sure you make our email - stuart@total-contact.co.uk - a ‘safe’ address in your email system to ensure you receive these) and we will try our best to facilitate the speedy delivery of your order if asked for extra information, forms etc. However, it remains something that is NOT within our direct control and your patience may be required - and even tested as is ours !! - at times with your delivery. Any delivery guides on the shipping option inside the order form is therefore only an ‘advisory’ time frame. Please let us know if you have concerns about your delivery but we just can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to do much about it as some Customs Departments may well have their own ideas about ‘due delivery times’. The Total Contact Saddle is now purchased in some 18 countries worldwide and in the vast majority of cases things just go swimmingly well, however, when they do go ‘wrong’, they go wrong in a frustrating way ….

Thank YOU ….

UPDATE: shipping to the US and Australia is currently taking longer than the courier companies indicate on booking with them. We will continue to do all we can to book reliable companies at a reasonable cost for you, however, please be patient with parcels that take longer than we all expected. No, it’s not a Brexit thing !

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