Brown Saddle and brown saddle pad combination offer

Brown Saddle and brown saddle pad combination offer

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Havanna Brown Total Contact Saddle  and brown pad. Please add your preference as to girth length (long or short) in the comments box on the order form. For a full description of the saddles and saddle pad and dimensions please see the individual products offered.

The pad and saddle can also be purchased on their own

Shipping overseas is possible and many countries are now included in the order form as an option. If yours is not there then just let us know and we'll see if we can add it ! We don't add anything to the cost of shipping and do what we can to keep it down :-/

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Please ENSURE that you select the correct shipping option for this product. It MUST BE the Saddle and Pad combination offer shipping option if it is to be sent to a US client. If you do not then we will not ship until the extra amount has been sent. We do try our best to keep the shipping costs as low as possible but this offer increases the weight and size of parcels and so we have to pass it on. Thank you

It is possible to ship overseas and there are a number of options in the drop down menu for shipping on the order form. If your country is not listed then email or use the contact form on the webs page and ask for a quote and to get it added for you.